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Pre Paid Funeral Plans

A funeral plan can provide peace of mind for you and your family and could save you money. You choose the funeral you want and pay for our services included in the plan at today's prices, relieving your family of worries and uncertainty at a distressing time.

Preparing for Our Future

The price of funerals, like everything else, has been rising year on year. That’s why it is more important than ever to be planning ahead and preparing for our future.

Sensible and Thoughtful

Taking out a funeral plan is a sensible and thoughtful way to help protect yourself against these increases. More than a million people in the UK have taken out a funeral plan. We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, one of the UK’s largest providers of plans* to independent funeral directors like us.

Exceptional Value and Choice

With a range of plans and flexible ways to pay, a Golden Charter Funeral Plan offers you exceptional value and choice. Plus, you can tailor your plan to meet your personal wishes, from the service and type of coffin, to the music, flowers and readings. This way, your family will find great comfort knowing that your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes.

Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

With a Golden Charter Funeral Plan you’ll benefit from:

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    Protection against rising costs

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    Reassurance for your family – less uncertainty and fewer difficult decisions

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    Flexible ways to pay

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    The assurance that your local and independent funeral director will look after you when the time comes

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    * Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold. For details please see Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2018 at and Golden Charter Annual Report 2017/18 at

Golden Charter Independent Way Funeral Plans
from Layzell Funeral Services

Funeral Plan Advantages

An ever growing side to our business is the request and need for people to pre-arrange their funeral. There are many advantages to doing this: most importantly it gives you the opportunity to lay down all your wishes and instructions for your funeral; from whether you are buried or cremated, to which hymns or music you would like.

Peace of Mind

When you take out a funeral plan with Golden Charter, you have the reassurance that comes with choosing one of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers. Over 700,000 people have chosen to plan ahead with Golden Charter, now you can get that peace of mind too.

Golden Charter Trust

You can be sure that your money will always be safe. Your payment will go directly to the Golden Charter Trust, which will hold the money for your funeral until it is required. The Trust Fund is a legally separate entity from Golden Charter. In the unlikely event of something untoward affecting the company, the Trust Fund would continue until every plan has been carried out.

Your Wishes and Needs

In arranging your funeral planning we will meet with you to discuss all your wishes and needs, answer any questions and build you the funeral plan that best suits your requirements and will be costed on what you require. The plan can be paid in full either by cheque, debit or credit card or by direct debit over 12 months interest free.

The Independent Way

The Independent Way Funeral Plan provides you with peace of mind and will spare your family or loved ones the burden of high funeral costs and the worry of deciding on the funeral arrangements.  The plan allows you to include and pay for any of your wishes at current day costs.  This then relieves some of the burden on those bereaved as they know that they are doing exactly as you wished.

If you would like more information about funeral plans or would like to make an appointment to discuss your options, please call us on 01404 44646, email us at or fill out the enquiry below.



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